ere are all the listings on what is going on in my life. I started updating my website now, I figure since I pay every year for this I might as well keep updating it so people can see about me.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks

Kristofer's Memorial Site I created!!!

Check out my Video Blogs

11/28/09 Check out our wedding site I created. Hope you all enjoy it.

 10/12/09 Today marks two years since Kristofer passed away. We will always miss you Kris.

8/25/09 I graduated from college with a BA in Computer on to apply for my commission in the Air Force

07/15/2009 Yep...I am married... we are having the Catholic ceremony Nov 28, 09.

5/28/09 Summer school starts today; only two classes left till i graduate

1/23/09 School started back up, taking five classes this semester.

1/25/09 Wow, I just turned 31 today...This site has been up for 11 years now.

6/01/08 Check out our new cat, Bella.

5/28/08 Summer school starts today; one of my classes is Discrete Mathematics :-(...

5/23/08 School is over, well at least for 2 weeks!

1/25/08 Wow, I just turned 30 today...This site has been up for 10 years now.

1/23/08 School started back up, looks like I'm gonna be busy again.

12/15/07 Check out my new 98 Mazda 626 :-)

09/23/07 Bought new couches today; Black leather Recliners

09/16/07 Updated pictures

09/13/07 Traded in the BMW and bought a 07 F150 FX4

 09/16/07 I finally updated my webpage.  I will be doing it more often, I promise.

09/04/07 Just started fall semester with UMUC.  Taking four classes so I will be busy

08/23/2007 Today is my 7 year mark in the Air Force

01/25/07 It;s my Birthday once again, 29 years old.


08/23/06 Today is my 6 year mark in the Air Force

 08/23/06 Pictures of our new house in North Las Vegas, NV. NEW HOUSE PICS

 07/1/06 Check out this game, 3D Logic Game

 06/27/06 Pictures of our new house in Henderson, NV. NEW HOUSE PICS

04/16/06 My Forum is in full effect, feel free to post on it. ROMEOZ FORUM

 04/5/06 Just added new pictures under Images.

 04/3/06 Jordan just talking to the camera

4/1/2006 Just found out I got orders to Nellis, AFB.  I'm so happy!!

01/25/2006 Its another year for me, 28 this year.

5/1/2005 Traded in the truck and the mustang for a 05 BMW 325i, check out the pictures under "Nicole"

01/25/2006 Its my Birthday again, 28 years old now.

 02/21/05 Check out what I instaled in my house

01/25/2005 Its my Birthday again, 27 years old now.

 12/10/04 Check this out, its funny!

 07/30/04 Check out my 2004 Ford F150

 07/17/04Camp Jeep 2004, Day 2.

 07/16/04Camp Jeep 2004, Day 1

 05/02/04 Traded in my 03 Silver Stang for a 04 Sonic Blue Vert GT, Click for pics.

04/04/04 Click here to visit my new forum

 03/30/04 Check out the pictures of the F15's I took, click here

 03/28/04 Click here for pictures around Iceland

 03/20/04 Added different pictures to Image Sections.  Check them out!!

 03/20/04 Still in Iceland, Keflavik, will have pictures up soon.

03/04/04 Left for Iceland, Keflavik

01/25/04  Its my birthday, I'm 26, :-( , I'm getting old now.

 01/15/04 We bought our first home, click here for pictures

12/04/03 Survival Shop click here

8/23/03 Today is my three year mark for being in the Air Force!!

02/27/03 11:57 p.m. Pictures of our baby

01/25/03 Wow, I'm 25....Now I get my insurance break:-)

11/04/02 Got new pics up makenzie up...check them out.

9/24/02 Are you in school? Download Stylewriter

9/22/02 Check out my Halloween Decorations

8/23/02 Today is my two year mark for being in the Air Force!!

8/05/02 We got the ultrasound back on our baby, isnt our baby so cute:-)

5/28/02 Check out Ronnie's Theater Room


01/25/02 Wow, I'm 24....getting old now:-)

11/24/01 Makenzie is just sleeping

11/23/01 Makenzie learned to get over the gate

11/18/01 Check out my new dog. She is a Miniture Pincher; her name is Makenzie

10/12/01 Went Active duty Air Force. I leave for Langley AFB, VA the 15th of Oct.

10/04/01 Got my Off-Road H Pipe today...gonna install it Sat.

09/22/01 Click here to see a clip from the damage on America. You must have Powerpoint

09/18/01 $1,300 dollars to fix "Nicole"

 09/17/01 "Nicole" got was just a bad day!!!

09/10/01 Just lowered "Nicole" 1 1/4", she looks really nice now.

09/06/01 Check out my new her today.

08/16/01 I just got some new Calipers for "Nicole" They are red.

08/10/01 Just added new pics from Brandons Graduation back in May of 01'

07/02/01 "Makenzie" got hit today and I was on the bike.

05/09/01 Looks like I am putting school off again, I'm going Active.

04/18/01 Check out "Makenzie" I bought her today.

04/1/01 I will be enrolling back in college. This time I am going straight through without taking any breaks

04/1/01 I am finally back from tech school. That was a long and boring process!!

01/02/00 I am going back to tech school, Shepard AFB, TX. I will be home March 20.

 12/25/00 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!

12/22/00 I am on leave for Christmas, I will post how Basic Training went in a few days.

10/18/00 I am leaving for the airport right now and on my way to Basic Training.

10/17/00 Bryan and Ron's Computer World is now online...check it out...:-)

10/13/00 Jason got his pilot's slot for the Air Force, email him to congrat him. Jason's Email

10/04/00 I leave for Basic Training Oct. 18, 2000.

09/27/00 Click here to see my Screen Test for Dawson's Creek

09/19/00 Click here to see Britney Spears MTV pics and videos

09/18/00 Nicole is back up and running. Oh ya baby!! Now they have to redo the body work.

09/13/00 Click here for a little humor...:-)

09/07/00 "Nicole" is back in the shop still. She needs repainted and the
panels put on right. Its going to take another month

09/01/00 "Nicole" is back in the shop. The wires in the engine burned

08/31/00 "Nicole" is all fixed...its about time I get her back

08/25/00 "NICOLE" is doing better. Check out the upadtes pics of her

08/23/00 I Enlisted as an E-3 into the United States AirForce Guard.

08/15/00 "NICOLE" is still in the shop!! Hopefully only two more weeks

08/14/00 You can now leave a Text message on my cell phone

08/11/00 I went to MEPS today to do my inspect. Took 2 1/2 hours. I get my leave date on Aug.23,2000

07/23/00 "NICOLE" GOT ROBBED!!!! They took the lightbar and cd player!!!


06/13/00 Got back today from my vacation; click here to read about it and see what I did.

05/19/00 Check out "Nicole" on mustang world


05/16/00 Click here to see my White Face Gauges in "Nicole"

04/04/00 Click here to see Elian True

02/04/00 Click here to see the Garbage Truck get stuck outside my house

02/04/00- STEPH, Click here to see the "Germaina beanie baby"

01/25/00- It's my Birthday!!! I am 22 years old, wow; I'm getting old:-)

01/25/00- Click here to see the snow that hit today, its still snowing!!

01/24/00- Updated my pictures. Actually they are nine new ones I took last night.

-School starts today...not to excited, I guess I have to get up early now!

01/24/00- My little sister, Danielle, made this. It was very funny:-) Click on this link

01/05/00- Click here to see The 5th Series Jordans, and also pics of the 4th series and 15th series

01/05/00- I just registered for classes, got all the ones I wanted and times..oh ya baby!!

12/28/99- Lindsay and her trophy's

12/22/99- Just remodeled my homepage.

12/20/99- Got a call today for my 2nd modeling interview. Its held on Jan 5, 2000.

12/20/99- Added more pictures and soon to be newer pics on here.

11/15/99- Got my first modeling interview, got there and they already picked the person they wanted, so I missed out.

01/19/01 this has to suck

05/28/02Mini Putt-Putt Golf