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- the Plain English Editor
(for WINDOWS®) - is the world's largest
computerized style and usage checker.

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StyleWriter checks word-processed documents against 35,000+ language problems and ways of clarifying the style.

The program helps you edit and polish writing into clear and concise English. Running from within your word processor on your files, StyleWriter is the quickest way to improve your writing style. It teaches you the techniques of top-grade journalists, editors and other professional writers, and helps you break poor writing habits.

You don’t have to be an expert in the English language or in computers to use Style Writer. It avoids technical terms and concentrates on making your writing more readable.

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10 Times More Powerful
Than Any Grammar Checker

StyleWriter is not a grammar checker. Grammar checkers try to show you how to write a correct sentence by analyzing each word for its part of speech and then only accepting sentences if the parts of speech are in the right order. Frankly, we all know how irritating grammar checkers can be, highlighting correct English and often missing real mistakes.

We did a little experiment and wrote a passage containing 25 grammatical mistakes. We asked people attending a writing course to try to spot them. The lowest score was 20 out of 25. When we ran a grammar checker through the same passage, it only found six mistakes but stopped in the wrong place over 30 times.

The best way to improve grammatical skills is to write clearly and to read what you have written. As editors, our experience tells us that style and usage faults (confusing words, hyphenation and word division) outnumber grammatical errors by 30 to 1. If you want to write well, you have to learn the secrets of professional editors and top writers. StyleWriter teaches you these skills and helps you write clearly and effectively for results.

StyleWriter does not parse the sentence, but looks for the faults that editors look for whenever they redraft a document. With 35,000 style and usage faults, StyleWriter has about 10 times the power of a conventional grammar checker.

Check out the features/screenshots and examples!

Rid Yourself of Poor Writing Habits

The main aim when writing is to put your ideas across with the greatest possible clarity and write in a way that best serves your reader. Plain English is clear English. It is simple and direct, but is not simplistic or simple-minded.

Every top publication - Newsweek, Scientific America or the Economist - uses plain English to make writing interesting and easy to read. StyleWriter helps you write in the clear English style by identifying words and phrases in your writing that get in the way of clarity and poor style. The program does not encourage a standard style that everyone should follow. Rather, by helping you break out of the typical business writing style, StyleWriter encourages you to express yourself in your own words.

Using plain English does not mean everyone's writing must sound the same. There is no one right way to express an idea. There's plenty of room for individual style, rhetoric and imaginative writing. So let StyleWriter help you get rid of your poor writing habits and let you express yourself in your own words.

Check out the features/screenshots and examples!

Who Needs StyleWriter?

StyleWriter is perfect for:
Advertisers/Copywriters & PR people trying to make their message get through. (Use StyleWriter on all of your ads, marketing materials for clients, press releases, and web site copy.)

Journalists wanting to polish their writing. (Use StyleWriter on all of your articles; especially helpful for those last minute article deadlines)

Judges who want to read a brief legal brief

Lawyers trying to break the writing habits of 10 centuries

Scientists wanting to pass on their results to others

Social Scientists who want jargon-free reports

Students wanting to improve their writing skills

Writers and Editors who want guidance. (Use StyleWriter on your query letters, articles, correspondence, technical manuals, proposals, and so on.)

You if you want to learn the secrets of clear, direct language

StyleWriter's designed to do the work of a professional editor - and everyone can benefit learning how to run the editorial pen through writing to make it clear, concise and readable. StyleWriter will help you no matter what you do.

Check out the features/screenshots and examples!