ell lets see. I was born on Jan 25. 1978. I was born in Fontana, California. My parents are Brenda and Gary Moore. They currently reside in Maryland.  And yes, I have 9 sisters and 3 brothers:-)  I am living in Nevada, stationed at Nellis AFB.   Since I have last updated this website a lot has happened. I am now 31 years old and Jordan is 6. I also have a beautiful wife, her name is Christina Nicole Moore.:-) I also have three new daughters, Audrey, she is 9, Daisy, she is 7 and Iris, she is 4. We have might be having one more on the way but we will find out in a few weeks..lol

ince my early childhood I have always wanted to sit around and do nothing. Well I guess I achieved that goal. (hahaha) Currently I am a graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science. I think I am going to start my Masters in the Spring, seeing how the OTS Board is cancelled this year.

nd now maybe you have been wondering if you are a frequent visitor what happened to my mustang.  Well I got rid of her, yes I wish I would have kept her but I traded her in for a new one, my 01 Laser Red Mustang.  I am going to keep this one on here for memories.  I miss her so much!!


o all you many people out there who are curious about me, too bad, I am not telling. Well I guess its time I talk a little bit about my family and not so much about me.  My wife, Christina Moore, my son, Jordan Kyle Moore, my three daughters Audrey, Daisy and Iris Moore and of course our dog, Madison, are all residing in Nevada.  We will be there for a while, doesn't look like many people are getting orders to PCS from VA. 
ell since I  last updated this site I went off to Basic Training.  After that I went to tech school in Texas as well.  It was alright, not a lot to do in tech school, but I made the most of it.  I am not back home and I just opened my NEW business, yes that's right, I changed names and took on a partner.  Ronald Brannan is now Co-Owner.  We are called B -n- R Computer World.  Now about 7 years have passed since this stuff above happened, a lot more has happened.  just for starters, Marriage, Kids and a lot more.  Things are going really well lately and I look forward to new things happening in the future.